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Grashevina of the TRS winery

Grashevina is certainly an international variety whose origin has not yet been established with certainty. Some sources state that it is a French variety, others that it is Romanian, and there are variants that it is Italian or Austrian. The prefixes welsch, Laški, olasz and vlašsky mean “from Wallachia” in various languages, or in Croatian – “iz Vlaške”, which clearly indicates that the variety originates from southern Romania, as the area has been called for centuries. In Romania itself, however, it is called Riesling Italico. However, the origin is not as important as the fact that Grashevina is mainly a variety of the Danube countries.

In fact, it is cultivated by all the Danube countries; Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria, and two others that do not belong to them – Italy and Slovenia.

It built such popularity mainly because of its qualities grateful for winemakers, such as a big and regular ripening, and excellent adaptability to different soils and types of continental climate. Its international image has been damaged for years for two reasons.

The first is the mediocre quality that the socialist economy of most of these countries has nurtured for decades, and the second is a poorly chosen name that, with the word Riesling in most of its synonyms, actually tells the average consumer that it is a copy of the real Riesling. And it isn’t. Such an assessment is unfair.

Grashevina is a variety of significantly different characteristics from Riesling and they should not be confused in any way. Regardless of where it comes from, Grashevina has definitely found its new home in Croatia, because apart from being convincingly the most represented variety here, it is not grown anywhere else even close to this quantity. In many continental vineyards, for example, it occupies more than 50 percent of the total vineyard area. The Croats loved it so much that they gave it a special name that came from the appearance of the berry at one stage of ripening when it is very similar to green peas. ( )

Crystal clear, straw yellow with a golden reflection is what a Grashevina from Trs wineries puts next to the best. Decan Grashevina is characterized by its golden yellow color. The aroma is dominated by the fruity aromas of peach, lemon and apple. Grashevina is characterized by a pleasant freshness and a slightly bitter taste, which is typical for it.

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