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Iločki Traminac

Traminac is a grape variety believed to have originated in Tramin in South Tyrol.

There are two varieties – Red Traminac (Savagnin Rosé) and Aromatic Traminac (GewurzTraminac).Iločki Traminac-TRS-vinarija

Red Traminac got its name from the characteristic color of its berries and is used to produce mofr4tstrong, golden-yellow wines that usually fall into the category of semi-dry and semi-sweet wines. Aromatic Traminac, on the other hand, is used for the production of straw-yellow to yellow-gold wines known for their distinct aroma, redolent of roses and marzipan. It falls mainly into the category of semi-sweet or sweet wines.

Although the Traminac vine is prized for the wine it produces, it also poses a great viticultural challenge. Namely, it buds early in the spring and is therefore more susceptible to frost. It is also susceptible to numerous infections during its vegetative period. It generally has a weak yield.

The grapes can contain large amounts of sugar, so high alcohol levels can be obtained in dry wines. On the other hand, Traminac’s low acidity and high pH are problematic. In Croatia, Traminac is the recommended variety in all vineyards of the continental region. However, according to experts, the best choice for growing Traminac is the Ilok area due to specific soil and climatic characteristics. Therefore, the most famous Traminac is the Ilok Traminac. In Ilok, quality wines were produced from Traminac already in the 18th century, when it was introduced to the region by Prince Odeschalchi.

The Trs winery offers semi-dry Traminac and Traminac from the selection harvest.

In our semi-dry Traminac, the fruitiness is emphasized by the scent of apple and quince, but also honey and nuts. It skillfully balances the fruitiness and acids in your mouth, with an almost silky feel on the palate. The residual sugar content is 5g/l and it has 14.5% alcohol.

It is most often served as an aperitif. It is recommended to enjoy it with desserts, white meat or fish.

It is served at a temperature of 10-12°C (50-53.6°F). Our Traminac from the selection harvest from 2016 is a semi-sweet Traminac, with a gorgeous golden yellow color, a dominant aroma of nuts, honey and juicy ripe fruit which offers an explosion of long-lasting flavors. The residual sugar content is 37g/l and it has 16% alcohol. It is served as an aperitif or with desserts. It can also be served instead of a dessert.

It is served at a temperature of 10-12° C (50-53.6°F).

After this little story about Traminac, it is only right that we invite you to give it a taste.

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