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The best rated rosé in Croatia – rosé Franka

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Rosé wines are made from black grape varieties. The colour is in the skin of the berry. By carefully pressing the black grapes and quickly separating the juice from the skins, a light-coloured juice (samotok) is obtained, to which the first fraction of the pressing is added. Another option is not to separate the skins after pressing, but to perform a short maceration. A very short boiling with the skins is also possible. Regardless of the method, after the boiling rosé wines are treated the same as white wines.
The ideal temperature for serving rosé wine is between 10 and 15° C (50 and 59 °F).

Pairing all the versatile styles of rosé wine with food is well covered because they go incredibly well with almost any dish! For example, they go great with Asian dishes like sushi because the wine is fresh and light. Its fruitiness also makes it a great match for spicy dishes, but its cool freshness also makes it the perfect companion with a piece of white grilled meat. Finally, you can’t go wrong with pairing a traditional cheese and meat aperitif with rosé.

Rosé Franka from the Trs winery is made from Frankovka grapes. It’s a refreshing, dry rosé with a 13% alcohol level.
Fluttery, elegant wine of light pink colour, with intense grape blossom scent, gorgeous aroma and a pleasant, long-lasting taste. At the 8th International Rosé Festival , better known as Pink Day, Franka rosé from the Trs Winery was voted the best rosé in Croatia with a pure score of 87 points. The judges were, in alphabetical order, Ivan Dropuljić, Matthew Horkey, Tomo Jakopović, Ivo Kozarčanin, Ivana Puhelek and Željko Suhadolnik.

We are very proud of this achievement and invite you to taste our Franka rosé and give us your feedback.


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