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Graševina is certainly the most represented variety of white grapes in the viticulture of Croatia. It is a variety whose origin is not yet known with certainty. In Croatia it was once called “grašica”, but the Croatian linguist Bogoslav Šulek is responsible for its current name. The wine has also taken over the continental vineyards […]

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Berba grožđa TRS Vinarija

Grape harvest

The first and crucial requirement for the production of premium wine is grapes of the highest quality, for which we must thank winegrowers. They planted the vine, guided its growth around a wire, pruned it frequently, protected it from diseases and harvested it at the right time. But, even when the first requirement is met,

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Iločki Traminac-TRS-vinarija

Iločki Traminac

Traminac is a grape variety believed to have originated in Tramin in South Tyrol. There are two varieties – Red Traminac (Savagnin Rosé) and Aromatic Traminac (GewurzTraminac). Red Traminac got its name from the characteristic color of its berries and is used to produce mofr4tstrong, golden-yellow wines that usually fall into the category of semi-dry

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koštica TRS Vinarija

New market products

After three years of research through the New Grape Seed Product Development Project, three new grape seed products – oil, flour and grape seed extract – were launched. The new products were made from by-products of wine production. During the three years that the project lasted in cooperation with the Faculty of Food Technology from

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Cabernet Sauvignon TRS Vinarija

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably the most famous red wine variety on Earth. Since its origins in Bordeaux, Cabernet has successfully spread to almost every wine producing country in the world, including our region. Cabernet Sauvignon is now one of the most important grape varieties in many premium wine regions of the New World, especially in

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graševina TRS Vinarija

Grashevina of the TRS winery

Grashevina is certainly an international variety whose origin has not yet been established with certainty. Some sources state that it is a French variety, others that it is Romanian, and there are variants that it is Italian or Austrian. The prefixes welsch, Laški, olasz and vlašsky mean “from Wallachia” in various languages, or in Croatian

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vino TRS Vinarija

Wine history

Wine has become a symbol of culture and life  throughout the world. It has its origins in pre-agrarian societies, in biblical times and in modern tourist destinations. The history of wine traces the evolution of the beverage throughout human civilization, from an important source source of nutrition to a vital nutritional supplement and way of

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vinogradi TRS Vinarija

Our vineyards on Fruška gora

Trs Winery has its vineyards located on the slopes of Fruška Gora – Vinogorja Srijem, at an altitude of 200 to 260 meters, which includes areas: Dekan, Veliko Brdo, Principal, Vukovo, Radjevac and Radoš. Wine production is based on seven quality wine varieties, of which the white ones are the most represented: Grashevina, then Chardonnay,

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ilok TRS Vinarija

Golden Ilok country

The slopes of the Srijem vineyards sloping down to the Danube form the most beautiful scenery, which, in combination with the rich Etno-gastronomic offer, invite you to rest and relax. This beautiful vineyard is located in the easternmost part of Vukovar-Srijem County and Croatia, on the southern and southwestern slopes of Fruška Gora with its

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